"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire."


Monday November 1st 8-9pm

Join Shelly Grande, Melanie Bruner, and Anne Mozingo for a Seacoast Sisterhood Swamp, a class where attendees release their heavier emotions to renew themselves.                                                        

Swamping is a sacred gathering where you can feel and embody your emotional truth. We will connect in circle, hold space for sharing, put on music and flow through what is challenging us. Swamping is a practice to honor your wholeness; a way to grant permission for you to feel and release through stomping, expressing, dancing, being still, laughing, whatever process that is going to transform you through the darkness into your light, your truth, your Radiance. 

Join us in this empowering Sisterhood. Spread the word so we can expand our tribe, support each other, honor our wholeness and inspire the collective. 

COST: $15