"The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them."


Friday June 26th 6-8pm

A yoga class in support of Embrace Race(https://www.embracerace.org/) an organization that provides materials to parents in educating their children about race formally through webinars, picture books and other media physically and virtually.

This class is for those feeling discontent in these unsettling times. We will be starting with a study of ahimsa, non-violence and svadyaya, self-study. We will follow it by using a system of yoga, ashtanga and then providing the ability to find your own unique body and self within the system. We are currently caught in a number of systems within our culture and taking our work off of the mat into the world can hopefully help us learn how to break down these barriers between what our hearts call for and what the system tells us.
100% of proceeds to Embrace Race