New Moon New Beginnings

New Moon Mindfulness Circle

Friday May 19th 6:30-8pm

The moon, her great rhythmic pull and constant reflection of light, has been a source of movement, guidance and growth since the beginning of time. Beneath the Black New Moon, we’ll gather to discuss the value of rituals as intention, and how they play a role in mindfulness practice.  

 Come together in Circle with Mindfulness guide Felicia LaBranche. She’ll share how to harness the potent energy of this rare lunar event to set intentions for the highest good. This is a safe space for all to find inspiration to live more mindfully. We’ll share in community, make a little magic, and end with reflection in indulgent, restorative rest.  

 This is a 90-minute, floor-based practice in self-care and self-awareness. Bring your favorite journal and pen. Props are provided. 

Cost: $25